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Trials in development (starting soon)

This phase commences when a new proposal is approved for development by the TSC.

TD 17.09 (STIMULI) Lung
TD 17.08 (TAILOR RT) Breast
TD 17.07 (SKAGEN Trial 1) Breast
TD 17.04 (NEURONE) Central nervous system
TD 17.01 (DESSERT) Lung
TD 13.03 (SABR-OS) Lung

Open trials

A trial is considered as open (to accrual) when the first Trial Site has submitted all required regulatory and ethical documentation and has been approved for activation by the Trial Coordinating Centre.

TROG 18.04 (MASTERPLAN) Pancreas
TROG 18.01 (NINJA) Prostate
TROG 17.11 (cPOST) Skin
TROG 17.05 (AZTEC) Breast
TROG 17.03 (LARK) Liver
TROG 17.02 (OUTRUN) Lung
TROG 16.04 / ANZ 1601 / BIG 1602 (EXPERT) Breast
TROG 16.02 (LOCAL HER-O) Breast
TROG 15.02 (ROAM) Meningioma
TROG 08.08 (TOP GEAR) Gastrointestinal

Trials closed to accrual

A trial is considered closed to accrual after the last patient has been recruited. Patients will be in follow up.

TROG 17.06 (SC.24) Central Nervous System
TROG 16.03 (CORE) Breast, Lung and Prostate
TROG 16.01 (NIVORAD) Lung
TROG 15.03 (FASTRACK II) Kidney
TROG 15.01 (SPARK) Prostate
TROG 14.04 (HART) Breast
TROG 14.03 (EORTC 1219) Head & neck
TROG 14.02 (RAIDER) Bladder
ANZUP 1303 (ENZARAD) Prostate
TROG 13.01 (SAFRON II) Lung
TROG 12.02 (PET LABRADOR) Breast
TROG 12.01 (HPV) Head & neck
TROG 11.01 (SUPREMO) Breast
TROG 10.02 (RAPID) Breast
TROG 09.03 (MP3) Skin
TROG 08.09 (RTN2) Skin
TROG 08.06 (STARS) Breast
TROG 08.05 (WBRT) Central Nervous System
TROG 08.04 (PORTEC3) Gynaecological
TROG 08.03 (RAVES) Prostate
TROG 07.01 (DCIS) Breast
TROG 06.02 (APBI) Breast
TROG 06.01 Central Nervous System
TROG 99.03 Lymphoma

Trials closed to follow-up

During the closed to follow-up phase the main analyses will occur and process implemented to complete the trial.

TROG 12.03 (EAT) Head & neck
TROG 11.03 (P_LUNG) Lung
TROG 11.02 (SCORAD III) Symptom Management
TROG 09.02 (CHISEL) Lung
TROG 09.01 (PROArCT) Gastrointestinal
TROG 08.02 (GBM in elderly patients) Central nervous system
TROG 08.01 (PROFIT) Prostate
TROG 07.04 Head & neck
TROG 07.03 (RadioHum) Head & neck
TROG 05.02 (MALT Lymphoma) Lymphoma
TROG 05.01 (POST) Head & neck
TROG 03.05 (MA20) Breast
TROG 03.04 (RADAR) Prostate
TROG 03.03 (HDNLHL4) Lymphoma
TROG 03.01 Gastrointestinal
TROG 02.03 Bladder
TROG 01.02 Lymphoma

Completed trials

A trial is considered to be completed when all analyses have been performed and published, the trial database has been locked, trial sites have been closed and records archived.

All completed trials

We are thankful to our 14,500 patients who have participated in our research. Please continue the generous support.