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Trial Proposal, New Proposals, TROG Cancer Research
TROG Cancer Research

New trial proposal applications are accepted for consideration at any time throughout the year.

There are four types of proposals accepted by TROG Cancer Research:

  • Category A

    An investigator-initiated proposal for a trial or registry, submitted by a full TROG Cancer Research member, in which TROG Cancer Research would fulfil the role of lead group and/or sponsor.

  • Category B

    An existing trial, registry or new concept submitted by a full TROG Cancer Research member on behalf of an international trials organisation and where TROG Cancer Research would fulfil the role of the Australia-New Zealand lead group and/or sponsor. The trial/registry would be carried out under the joint auspices of TROG Cancer Research and the group concerned.

  • Category C

    Any trial or project initiated and sponsored by another trials organisation and is for collaboration with TROG Cancer Research.

  • Category D

    An investigator-initiated project that involves data capture, data mining or secondary analysis.

Submission process

Step 2

Ensure that any supporting documentation has been uploaded, if applicable.

Step 3

Submit the form by clicking 'Submit' on the last page of the application.

Step 2
Complete the TROG new proposal form
Step 3
Email the form and any supporting documentation to

Please note: 

If you have any questions regarding an application or the TROG New Proposal Pathway please contact the TROG team at

In addition to the above, TROG Cancer Research also provides other Fee-For-Services, such as Radiotherapy Quality Assurance, Trial Management etc. Please contact TROG Cancer Research CEO, Susan Goode for further details.