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radiation therapy, About Us, TROG Cancer Research
About Us

TROG Cancer Research is dedicated to improving the way radiation therapy is delivered to cancer patients with ongoing scientific research, clinical trials, and cutting-edge technology.

For over 35 years, the internationally renowned research our Australian and New Zealand-based members conduct has been improving the outcomes for people affected by cancer.

All cancers: One treatment

TROG Cancer Research is focused on radiation medicine technology for the many types of cancers it can treat, this includes but is not limited to cancer of the head and neck, breast, bladder, central nervous system, lung, and prostate. Like chemotherapy and surgery, radiation therapy is a widely used cancer treatment. In fact, one-in-two patients diagnosed with cancer could benefit from radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy uses a controlled dose of radiation to kill cancer cells or damage them so they cannot grow, multiply or spread. The radiation is usually in the form of focused high energy radiation beams, with cutting edge research continually evolving and improving the techniques and technology used.

TROG Cancer Research is one of the largest collaborative clinical trials groups in Australia and New Zealand. The group works with its members, hospitals, universities, government agencies and other clinical trial groups to advance vital cancer research for the community.

Over three decades, TROG Cancer Research has facilitated over 110 clinical trials that have contributed to improving the outcome and quality of life for more than 14,700 cancer patients globally. Over that time, the prognosis of cancer patients has improved considerably: in the 1980s the cancer survival rate was less than 50 per cent. Today, for some cancers, the survival rate is as high as 90 per cent.

TROG Cancer Research is one of 13 Multi-Site Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Groups funded by the Australian Government to support Australia’s capacity to develop independent, industry-led cancer clinical trials protocols.

About Us

Our Vision

Improving outcomes of people affected by cancer.

Our Mission

To revolutionise cancer care through impactful radiation medicine research to cure cancer and improve quality of life.


Our Charity Status

TROG Cancer Research is a registered charity in Australia, holding the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, which means that donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

About Us

Our History

TROG Cancer Research formed in 1989 when members of seven radiation therapy centres across Australia and New Zealand formed a clinical trials group to advance the study of cancers that could be treated with radiation therapy.

The vision was to improve outcomes of people affected by cancer through research in radiation therapy. This would be made possible by the collaboration with key stakeholders, organisations, and community groups with the shared aim of defeating cancer.

radiation therapy, About Us, TROG Cancer Research
What We Do

Clinical Trial Management

Every cancer trial starts with a question or an idea. These ideas may be generated by our members (individually or from discussions within a TROG Cancer Research subspecialty working party), through collaborations with other cancer collaborative groups and discussions with industry partners. Once a new proposal is submitted, TROG Cancer Research through our study pathway facilitates the development, start-up, activation, accrual and closeout activities of conducting a clinical trial.

During this process, we work with researchers to turn their ideas into a formal proposal. New proposals are peer-reviewed by up to 300 clinical professionals, including our vast membership network to ensure validity and feasibility. The proposal is then submitted for endorsement by the TROG Scientific Committee.

TROG Cancer Research then facilitates the development of the trial protocol, statistical plan, and budget for funding submissions. Ongoing peer review with a dedicated Trial Management Committee is also facilitated and the TROG Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance (RTQA) team develop a rigorous, risk-based radiation therapy quality assurance program.

To ensure strict compliance with local regulatory requirements, as a Sponsor, TROG Cancer Research ensures all indemnity, contractual and regulatory documentation is completed, and a study-specific electronic case report form is created.

radiation therapy, About Us, TROG Cancer Research

Trial Project Management

TROG Cancer Research Central Operations Office is equipped to provide full trial coordination from the time of trial concept through to conduct and completion, and dissemination via medical journals and conference presentations.

TROG Cancer Research works with radiation therapy treatment centres and researchers to ensure:

  • Trials are feasible and practical for the nominated patient population

  • Patient recruitment and data collection targets are being met

  • Patient safety is monitored

  • Data is being collated and primary/final endpoints are reported

  • Reporting timelines to regulatory agencies are met

About Us

Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance (RTQA)

For trial results to be published and adopted into clinical practice, data must be accurate. Radiation Therapy QA provides the framework for verifying data accuracy and protocol compliance. It also ensures that any safety issues for trial patients are identified as soon as possible and rectified.

The world of radiation medicine is rapidly evolving with new technologies and treatments being developed nationally and internationally. To incorporate these innovations into clinical trials, QA procedures must be developed.

TROG Cancer Research continually reviews international standards and develops processes and procedures for credentialing new and complex techniques and technologies. We leverage our extensive collaborative networks, advanced software and expert committees to ensure our researchers have access to the best available resources for conducting their research.