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, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Business Services

TROG Cancer Research also supports business functions including financial management, human resource management, governance, regulatory compliance, and communication and marketing services in support of our staff, members, and trials.

, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Susan Goode

Chief Executive Officer

Susan oversees the strategic direction of TROG Cancer Research activities. She is also responsible for managing the Central Operations Team from an operational perspective.

Susan has previous research management experience in translational cancer research and primary care research, having worked at the University of Newcastle for 15 years. She is passionate about contributing to the lives of others at a micro and macro level and this is reflected in her leadership style.

, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Renee Swanson

Research Services Manager

As Research Services Manager Renee oversees the management and maintenance of TROG trials throughout their life cycle.  She is also responsible for managing the  Research Services Team from an operational perspective.

Renee has a wealth of previous research management and clinical trial experience specialising in Ethics and Regulatory Affairs, Program Management in Cooperative Trials Groups and Operations management in Clincal Research.

, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Research Services

Research services provide management of our clinical trials by working closely with investigators to coordinate all aspects of the clinical trial activities during the life cycle of a trial until closeout and publication. The team at TROG Cancer Research provide expert central trial coordination and monitoring, support for participating sites, facilitation of patient recruitment and data collection, monitoring of patient safety and trial data and ensures regulatory and protocol compliance.  

, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Research Development

TROG Cancer Research fosters and promotes the design of high-quality investigator-initiated cancer collaborative clinical trials involving radiation. The Research Development team supports proposals throughout their development from a new concept or idea to a complete robust protocol by ensuring expert review, developing trial budgets, coordinating applications for research funding, providing database development services and advice and maintaining a suite of essential document templates for ethics applications and trial implementation at sites.

, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Rebecca Montgomery

Research Development Lead

As the Research Development Lead, Rebecca guides the development of collaborative group trial proposals in to active trials by managing protocol development, coordinating funding applications and overseeing database development and ethics submissions. She is the secretariat for the TROG Scientific Committee and works closely with each of the TROG subspeciality working parties in the oversight of the TROG trials portfolio and the development of new trial concepts.  

, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Alisha Moore

Radiation Therapy Manager

Alisha is the Radiation Therapy Manager who oversees the TROG Cancer Research Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance team. Alisha’s role focuses on incorporating new techniques and technologies into clinical trials, managing education programs, clinical trial protocol development and undertaking QA technical reviews.

Alisha provides technical support managing the use of 3D QA review software as well as training and implementation procedures. She is also involved in data management, verification, and site support.

, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance

TROG Cancer Research’ Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance (RTQA) program provides the framework to monitor radiation therapy protocol compliance and data quality. RTQA also ensures that patient safety and radiation therapy protocol compliance issues on a trial are identified as soon as possible and rectified.

, Staff, TROG Cancer Research

Narelle is an experienced accountant who is passionate about people and getting the numbers right. With a background in Nursing, Audit and Superannuation Accounting her ability to dissect TROG’s business operations to fully understand its goals enables her to bring to light any issues preventing those goals being reached. Accounting at TROG is no longer merely about number crunching – Narelle offers a holistic awareness of TROGS values and its people whilst striving to build success and a cohesive team. Narelle has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting).