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Strategic plan

A plan for the future of cancer research

Our vision provides a clear focus for our Strategic Directions. Our values will guide our work towards them.

strategic plan mission values purpose, Mission and Values, TROG Cancer Research


Improving outcomes of people affected by cancer.


To revolutionise cancer care through impactful radiation medicine research to cure cancer and improve quality of life.


Unwavering in our commitment to excellence, we uphold the highest standards of research integrity, continuously evolving and adapting to maintain meticulous scientific practices

Fostering a culture of unity and collaboration, we actively forge and nurture partnerships across academic, professional, healthcare, and research sectors to drive innovation and collective wisdom in cancer research

We continuously pursue innovative breakthroughs, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and novel methodologies to redefine the limits of cancer treatment and care

Our research is driven by the pursuit of tangible, impactful outcomes that advance cancer diagnosis, treatment, and patient care, guided by measurable goals and a commitment to real-world benefits

Driven by deep empathy, we place patients, families, and communities at the heart of our mission, ensuring our research priorities reflect compassionate care and support in every endeavour

Embracing diversity in all its forms, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where every individual’s contribution is valued and such that our research is accessible and is inclusive of diverse patient populations thus driving us towards better outcomes for all patients

Strategic Goals

1. Diversifying our research and enhancing access

Strategic Statement: We will increase both the quantity and the diversity of our radiation medicine research initiatives.

Key Objectives:

1.1 Encourage and facilitate diversity in research ideas/questions

1.2 Explore beyond standard clinical trials to include registry based, observational studies, real-world evidence generation and translational research

1.3 Incorporate patient informed research and patient centric study design

1.4 Improve access to clinical trials/research for priority populations including those in regional/rural/remote locations

1.5 Facilitate broader engagement with rural and regional sites

1.6 Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our research and our people

2. Developing collaborative networks

Strategic Statement: We will establish strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with national and international academic institutions, professional organisations, healthcare facilities, and industry partners.

Key Objectives:

2.1 Build strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with academic institutions/ healthcare facilities/ industry

2.2 Establish a model for sharing of resources and expertise to optimise utilisation of finite resources

2.3 Nurture and build on relationships with international research organisations (e.g., NRG, EORTC, others)

2.4 Develop collaborative relationships with other CCTGs

3. Fostering member engagement and stakeholder communication

Strategic Statement: We recognise the importance of building strong relationships with all stakeholders and our goals focus on developing comprehensive communication plans, engaging with different stakeholder groups, organising events and working with our members.

Key Objectives:

3.1 Communicate with and foster a supportive membership community

3.2 Build and develop capacity in our membership and staff

3.3 Consolidate relationships with partner organisations (e.g., RANZCR, corporate radiation therapy service providers and industry)

3.4 Raise wider community awareness regarding radiation therapy and radiation medicine research

4. Enhancing funding, infrastructure, and sustainability

Strategic Statement: The longevity and impact of our research depends on secure funding and the ability to modernise infrastructure.

Key Objectives:

4.1 Develop funding partnerships to establish alternative revenue streams

4.2 Establish and implement a framework for fundraising & philanthropy related activities

4.3 Grow fee for service income streams

4.4 Improve financial and resource management to maximise resource utilisation and enhance efficiencies