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You too can help defeat cancer

The work of TROG Cancer Research is funded by private donors, corporate sponsors, and government bodies. The more we raise, the more we can make a difference.

It is estimated that by age 85, one in every two Australians will be affected by cancer. By supporting TROG Cancer Research, you can help us defeat cancer.

Every cancer clinical trial starts with a question, idea, or key innovation. Oncology professionals come to us with an idea and TROG Cancer Research helps in the process of developing that idea into a rigorous clinical trial.

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How will you support better outcomes for cancer patients?

The research we’ve conducted over three decades has benefited individuals around the world. It also means future generations have an increased chance of surviving and enjoying a better quality of life whilst fighting cancer. The only way we can beat cancer is by working together!

Radiation therapy is a highly effective cancer treatment for nearly all cancer types. Worldwide, radiation therapy contributes to around 40 per cent of all cancer cures. For over 30 years, TROG Cancer Research has attracted valuable financial support from the community. And there is a range of ways you can get involved!

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Corporate partnerships

support us, Support Us, TROG Cancer Research

The RAVES trial treating prostate cancer

James's Story

Participating in a clinical trial, like the TROG Cancer Research RAVES trial, often means more than just accessing new technology that could increase treatment and quality of life outcomes.

For people like James, participating in a clinical trial is about using an understandably challenging situation to help others.

“The way it was put to me is that I could potentially help another person in a similar situation by participating. And that is why I did it. If you can help your fellow human beings, why don’t you?” James said.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate social responsibility that has an impact

Partnering with a for-purpose organisation is a great way to support the community your organisation operates within.

When you team up with TROG Cancer Research, you’re joining one of the largest clinical trials groups in Australia in the fight against cancer. With each trial, our radiation therapy-focused research contributes to medical knowledge and changes the way patients are treated.

Ongoing research into radiation therapy is needed to ensure we can progress the ways this advanced technology is used to outsmart the many strains of cancer for people today, and in the future.

We can partner with you in many ways to build a positive brand including cross-promotion, in-kind donations, involvement in our media campaigns, merchandising, or the sponsorship of individual projects.

Partnering with an organisation that has reach

Through clinical trials, we’ve made groundbreaking discoveries that have led to improved outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients today and in future generations locally, nationally and globally. We link researchers across hospitals, cancer centres, institutes and research centres to deliver life changing research outcomes.

The majority of radiation oncologists in Australia and New Zealand are TROG Cancer Research members, and our membership of more than 1,400 also includes people working in related oncology and clinical research disciplines.

TROG Cancer Research is an important target audience for companies operating in the oncology and radiation therapy markets. A corporate marketing package can be tailored to suit your needs including website and member eNews advertisement; videos; social media inclusion; corporate brochures and signage and presentation opportunities at events.

support us, Support Us, TROG Cancer Research
support us, Support Us, TROG Cancer Research
support us, Support Us, TROG Cancer Research

Groundbreaking and life-changing radiation therapy research

Improving treatment options for patients with prostate cancer

We coordinated the SPARK Trial, which looked at using revolutionary technology to improve accuracy for patients undergoing radiotherapy for prostate cancer.

The trial’s findings are now being used by medical facilities globally and have resulted in a reduction of treatment time from eight weeks to just four weeks with five medical visits for prostate cancer patients.

Reducing the chances of skin cancer returning

The TROG 96.06 trial showed that the risk of skin cancer recurring following lymph node surgery for melanoma could be dramatically reduced with a course of radiotherapy following surgery. This finding has significantly helped to reduce the reoccurrence of melanoma.

Improving survival rates for patients with oesophagus cancer

The TROG 89.04 trial showed that the five-year survival outlook could be improved by up to five times using a treatment of concurrent radiotherapy and chemotherapy, compared to the standard treatments of either surgery or radiotherapy alone.

Reducing the likeliness of breast cancer returning for patients

The landmark, international TROG 03.05 MA.20 trial showed that after breast cancer surgery, treatment of both the lymph nodes and the breast with radiation can increase the time women remain cancer-free.