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Over our 30-year history, TROG Cancer Research health and research professionals trials have conducted more than 200 hospitals and cancer centres around the world, including in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Asia, Canada, Europe, and South America.

Technological advances in radiation therapy and a better understanding of tumour biology have improved the effectiveness of radiation therapy leading to better treatment and quality of life for people with cancer. However, there are still many cancers that have a poor prognosis. 

Radiation medicine is a vital treatment option, and ongoing research is needed to ensure further improvements in this advanced technology and the methods we use it to combat cancer. The membership base of TROG Cancer Research includes over 1400 radiation medicine professionals who are committed to innovation and continuous improvement in the way cancer is treated.

We are focused on global collaboration in the design and delivery of patient-centred trials.

Together we are advancing clinical research into a treatment that benefits many cancers including breast, skin, lung, prostate, gynaecological, head and neck.

Full details of TROG Cancer Research trials

Trial documentation and quality assurance resources, accrual targets, timelines and trial-related newsletters and media can be accessed online.

Member publications

A comprehensive listing of TROG Cancer Research member publications is also available to view online.

Annual Reports

Our latest Annual Report and Strategic Plan can be viewed here.

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Full membership to TROG Cancer Research is open to anyone qualified in their discipline. This includes Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Therapists, Medical Physicists, Statisticians, Data Managers, Nurses, and Surgeons. 

Affiliate membership is also available to anyone qualified or training in a radiation therapy-related discipline. For full details, visit our membership page.

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Member resources

Current members of TROG Cancer Research can pay their annual membership fee or update their membership details online. 

Members also have exclusive access to a range of quality resources.

  • TROG Cancer Research eLearning Centre

    Access to our online learning portal, including the TROG Cancer Research Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course.

  • Policy statements

    Download trial-related and organisational policies and procedures.

  • Templates and resources

    Clinical trial agreements, trial development resources, PowerPoint slide templates and TROG Cancer Research logos.

  • Quality Assurance (QA) Program

    TROG Cancer Research QA resources and procedures for trials.

  • Member news and directory