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Other TROG studies

Open studies

VESPA (Virtual EPID Standard Phantom Audit) - as part of the TROG requirements for an independent audit for IMRT and VMAT techniques, TROG is delighted to collaborate with Professor Peter Greer to use EPID images which will be analysed centrally.

Completed studies

ANROTAT - ANROTAT was designed to help rapidly produce appropriate evidence on the safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of new technologies.

ARORP - as part of the ANROTAT study, a patient register was developed to help researchers find out if information about a patients cancer and radiation therapy treatment could be easily collected by hospital staff from hospital information systems and entered into an electronic data management system.

IGRT - this multi-centre study aims to compare the two methods of prostate localisation by quantifying the accuracy of prostate position using a pelvis phantom.

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