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TROG Cancer Research are proud to announce that we have two new additions to the TROG Cancer Research Board of Directors.

Joining our team is Professor Annette Haworth and Denis Byron.

Appointed as a non-Radiation Oncology Director, Annette is an ACPSEM accredited medical physicist who brings more than twenty years of clinical medical physics experience to TROG Cancer Research.

, TROG Cancer Research welcomes new appointments to Board of Directors, TROG Cancer Research

Annette holds an academic position at The University of Sydney as a Professor in Medical Physics. She also holds affiliate academic positions with the University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

Already an active member of TROG Cancer Research, Annette held key appointments that included; membership of the New Techniques and Technologies Committee, the TROG Scientific Committee, TROG Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance Team (Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist Advisor), plus a selection
of others.

Her contributions to TROG Cancer Research were recognised in 2007 with an Outstanding Contribution to TROG Award. She was also awarded a TROG Life Member Award in 2017.

Annette’s area of research include:

  • The clinical implementation of functional imaging and radiobiological models in treatment planning and post implant evaluation in brachytherapy;
  • The use of advanced technology treatment options including IGRT, EBRT, brachytherapy (LDR & HDR) for prostate cancer;
  • Correlation of dosimetry parameters with clinical outcomes; and
  • The design and quality assurance in clinical trials that may impact on clinical trial outcomes and introducing new technology through clinical trials.

, TROG Cancer Research welcomes new appointments to Board of Directors, TROG Cancer Research

Our second appointment to the TROG Cancer Research Board of Directors is Denis Byron.

Denis has been appointed as an Independent Director, commencing in April this year, and has been confirmed for the next three years.

Recently a retired CEO and with extensive experience in aged care and primary health sectors, Denis has come to TROG Cancer Research with a breadth of knowledge and experience behind him.

Denis is a Certified Practicing Accountant and AICD member. He is also assisted TROG Cancer Research with a review of our finance processes and as an integral member of our Financial Risk Audit and Management Committee.

He approached TROG Cancer Research looking for further opportunities to employ his comprehensive experience and skills, which we know he will deliver as part of our team.

We are thrilled to have these two highly experienced professionals on our team. If you wish to learn more about the TROG Cancer Research team and what we do every day, please visit the link here.

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