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Cancer trial participant hoping to help

The RAVES trial treating prostate cancer Participating in a clinical trial, like the TROG Cancer Research RAVES trial, often means more than just accessing new technology that could increase treatment and quality of life outcomes. For people like James, it’s about using an understandably challenging situation to help others.

New study identifies more effective prostate cancer imaging

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers amongst men, with one in six men diagnosed before their 85th birthday (Cancer Australia). In fact, in 2019 alone over 19,000 men in Australia were diagnosed with prostate cancer. The high rate of prostate cancer diagnosis in Australian men has led this to

Cancer researchers face off adversity with successful virtual ASM

COVID-19 and the regulations around social distancing has affected an increasing number of events across Australia, including the yearly gathering of radiation therapy experts at TROG Cancer Research’s Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) Whilst many organisers have chosen to cancel or reschedule larger events, TROG Cancer Research was one of

Coronavirus – resources for our members

The coronavirus health pandemic is a challenging time for us all – personally and professionally. We know that the changes and safety precautions required as a result of the pandemic have had significant impacts on the way we operate clinical trials – those that are underway, set to start

How to support someone during their cancer journey

There is nothing scarier than hearing the words “you have cancer”. Unfortunately, more than 300 people in Australia hear these words every day and have to go through the difficult task of repeating them to loved ones, friends and even work colleagues. Along with undergoing surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, among