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Cancer Types

Prostate Cancer

The TROG 96.01 trial showed that the chances of cancer returning in the prostate could be reduced by approximately 60 per cent using a course of hormone therapy prior to radiation therapy. The study also showed that the treatment with hormone therapy substantially reduced the chances of cancer appearing in other parts of the body. This trial involved more than 800 men with inoperable prostate cancer. Long term follow-up of these men continues.

The TROG 03.04 RADAR trial involved more than 1,000 men with newly diagnosed, aggressive, but localised prostate cancer using testosterone suppression therapy, radiation therapy and a different type of anti-cancer drug. This research gave men with newly diagnosed cancer a better chance of survival without increased long term side effects.

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The TROG 03.06 TOAD trial, was conducted to determine if immediate intervention with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) would improve overall survival, compared with delayed ADT in prostate cancer patients with a rising prostate specific antigen (PSA). Researchers discovered that men with incurable prostate cancer, but without symptoms, who received immediate hormone treatment had an increase in survival over those who delayed treatment. The results show that 80 per cent of patients were still alive after six years, compared to 65 per cent of men for whom treatment was delayed until they showed further symptoms or signs of progression.  

For prostate cancer patients, the successful TROG 15.01 SPARK Trial presents the opportunity for larger doses of radiation therapy to be given at each treatment session. Ultimately, this means that the number of treatments needed are significantly reduced. This trial is investigating the use of new technology to improve the accuracy of radiation therapy for prostate cancer patients reducing treatment from 40 visits to just five while also reducing side effects.

ANZUP 1801/TROG 21.02 DASL-HiCaP

Darolutamide Augments Standard Therapy for Localised Very High-Risk Cancer of the Prostate. A randomised phase 3 double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of adding darolutamide to androgen deprivation therapy and definitive or salvage radiation in very high risk, clinically localised prostate cancer.

TROG 02.03 – BLADDER (Phase III)

Randomised phase III trial of radical chemo/radiotherapy vs radiotherapy alone in the definitive management of localised muscle invasive TCC of the urinary bladder

TROG 03.04 – RADAR

A randomised trial investigating the effect on biomedical (PSA) control and survival of different durations of adjuvant androgen deprivation in association with definite radiation treatment for localised carcinoma of the prostate (RADAR)

TROG 08.03 – RAVES

A phase III multi-centre randomised trial comparing adjuvant radiotherapy (RT) with early salvage RT in patients with positive margins or extra prostatic disease following radical prostatectomy.


A randomised phase II trial of adaptive image guided standard or dose escalated radiotherapy in the treatment of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder


Focal Ablative STereotactic RAdiosurgery for Cancers of the Kidney - a Phase II Clinical Trial

TROG 18.01 – NINJA

Novel Integration of New prostate radiation therapy schedules with adJuvant Androgen deprivation


DarolutamidE + Consolidation Radiotherapy in Advanced prostate cancer detected by PSMA

TROG 95.02 – Proctitis – Rectal Sucralfate

A Phase III Double-Blind Randomised Trial of Rectal Sucralfate Suspension in the Treatment of Radiation Proctitis

TROG 95.03 – Proctitis PPS

Phase III Double Blind Study of Pentosan Polysulphate Sodium (PPS) in the treatment of Late (Chronic ) Radiation Proctitis

TROG 96.01 – Prostate – Androgen Deprivation

A Randomised Trial Investigating the Effectiveness of Different Durations of Maximal Androgen Deprivation Prior to and During Definitive Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Carcinoma of the Prostate

TROG 97.01 – Bladder (Phase II)

A Phase II Study of Trans-Urethral Resection Followed by Synchronous Chemo-Radiation in the Definitive Management of Localised Invasive TCC of the Urinary Bladder

TROG 98.03 – Prostate – Margin +ve Post-Prostatectomy

Randomised Trial to Compare the Rates of Disease-Free Survival in Margine-Positive Patients After Radical Prostatectomy With or Without Adjuvant Post-Operative Radiotherapy

TROG 99.06 – Bladder (Phase II)

Phase I/II Study of Trans-Urethral Resection Followed by Modified Synchronous Chemo-Radiation in the Definitive Management of Localised Invasive TCC of the Urinary Bladder