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Sponsor our Annual Scientific Meeting

TROG's 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting will be held from the 16 - 19 March in Sydney, New South Wales.

Visit the dedicated website: TROG 2020 ASM

Invitation to sponsors and exhibitors

Your support as a sponsor or exhibitor is vital to the success of the meeting and there are excellent opportunities to participate. Sponsorship and exhibition at the TROG 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) will generate important exposure for your company and provide you with access to multi-disciplinary health professionals working in the area of radiation oncology. The TROG 2019 ASM in Victoria attracted almost 300 delegates.

This meeting offers an ideal opportunity to renew contact with existing customers and inform your target audience of new products. It will offer your staff otherwise unavailable information on current clinical trials and plans for Australian and international studies in cancer therapy. You'll have many opportunities in the meeting and social program to pursue informal discussion about the trials and any future initiatives in which your company may play a role.

Why sponsor?

Sponsoring the TROG 2020 ASM allows you to target your market area. There will be a strong focus on TROG’s research portfolio showcasing the impact of our completed trials, subspecialty groups, a forum to discuss future directions for our multi-tumour streams, training, education and highlights of innovative new technologies and techniques.

The meeting will provide a dynamic, interactive, educational and social program to ensure we are at the forefront of innovative techniques in the delivery of cancer treatments. The delegates will include radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists, registrars, clinical trial coordinators, research nurses, data managers and statisticians. This will be a fantastic opportunity to contact your target market.

Sponsorship provides you with an opportunity to engage the key decision-makers throughout the ASM. Ask yourself these questions:

• What would be the cost to your company to visit the individuals and all centres present at the ASM?
• How long would that take you?
• Could you guarantee their availability if you visited them?
• What is the impact to your business if you are not there, and your competitors are?

Sponsorship provides an excellent opportunity to promote your name and support your brand, maintaining a high profile among specialists, before, during and after this event.  Delegates are keen to improve their knowledge and skills. Aligning your company with this powerful educational experience shows your commitment to assisting their development at a deeply personal level. This may help to cement brand loyalty.

Sponsorship provides you with an opportunity to renew friendships and establish new professional connections. Your company’s representatives will be able to mix with professionals from Australia and New Zealand in a unique research environment. 

Your company’s involvement, commitment and support for the TROG 2020 ASM in Sydney will be widely acknowledged as outlined in our Sponsorship Prospectus.

Sponsors will benefit from an interested, relevant and influential audience in an educational/social environment away from the competition of everyday distractions. This may lead to new or increased sales.

Sponsorship contributes to the promotion, planning and operation of the ASM, reducing the overall cost of managing and staging the event and enabling a higher level of participation by the delegates.

The ASM organising committee would be delighted to meet with you to discuss promotional opportunities or any ideas you have for promoting your products or services.

The more we raise, the faster we’ll make a difference.