TROG Cancer Research
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TROG's key research areas

Focusing on radiotherapy as a cancer treatment, TROG's key research areas include the head and neck, breast, bladder, lungs and prostate.

Working with more than 70 cancer treatment centres across Australia and New Zealand, as well as with contributing international centres, TROG has launched in excess of 100 trials with the help of more than 14,500 patients. Over time we have achieved significant improvements in patient care and outcomes.

Our recent research

TROG’s latest work has involved studies and projects highly regarded in the international field of cancer research.

Quality of life for men with prostate cancer:
TROG 03.04 (RADAR) investigated whether certain treatments had an adverse effect on patient outcomes, finding that while some had no detrimental effects, others adversely affected emotional and financial problems. The study generated findings on the outcome and impact of comprehensive quality assurance, which can provide a catalyst for reforming treatment practices. It also provided treatment centres with useable feedback.

Radiotherapy treatments for lung cancer patients:
In investigating the complex relationship between lung tumour volume and survival in patients, TROG 99.05 showed that a larger tumour size should not exclude lung cancer patients from curative (chemo) radiotherapy.

Breast cancer treatment management:
A previous study demonstrated that a particular alcohol-free barrier cream was effective in reducing skin reactions after radiation. The rigorous TROG 04.01 study tested this hypothesis and found no significant difference to the 10% glycerine cream most commonly used for this purpose in Australia.

We are thankful to our 14,500 patients who have participated in our research. Please continue the generous support.