TROG Cancer Research
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TROG Cancer Research Australia is a global leader in radiotherapy research

All types of cancer - one treatment

One in two cancer patient will benefit from radiotherapy. TROG Cancer Research has been improving the way in which radiotherapy is delivered to cancer patients for 30 years.

Working with doctors and researchers from Australia and New Zealand, TROG Cancer Research conducts clinical trial research involving radiotherapy to treat many types of cancers such as breast, lung, prostate, skin, head and neck.

Radiotherapy controls and even cures various cancers using high energy x-ray and similar rays. Our cutting-edge research is continually improving techniques and treatments for cancer patients.

Working together to improve cancer treatments

More than 1,400 researchers, doctors and medical professionals have been involved in TROG Cancer Research studies. So far in excess of 14,500 people have volunteered to participate in more than 100 trials, helping our researchers improve cancer treatments impacting on the outcome and quality of life for cancer patients. TROG Cancer Research works in partnership with more than 70 hospital and cancer treatment centres across Australia and New Zealand.

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