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Tanya's Story

Participant Story

Tanya Lawrence

Newcastle, NSW


A shock breast cancer diagnosis 18 months ago led mother-of-four, Tanya to join the TROG 0806 STARS trial in the hope that her daughters will not have to experience the same fate. This is her story.

“I was in the shower and was reacquainted with a lump that was checked 12 months previously. It felt bigger. I decided to go to the GP that same week for further investigation, but I wasn’t concerned as it had been checked before. After my mammogram I had an ultrasound…and that’s when things started to change,” Tanya said.

“I decided to join the clinical trial to help future patients following in my footsteps, have better treatments and eventually find a cure for this hideous disease,” she said.

“I also have four daughters and I don’t want them to have the continuous worry about genetic connections to breast cancer.”

“The impact that this diagnosis has had on my life has been quite challenging.”

“I’ve always been very fit, healthy, confident and outgoing with the biggest mop of hair you could have – my new hair is about 12 months old. All these facets of my life have been affected. Some things I thought were important to start with ended up the least important by the end of treatment.

“You don’t have to go far to find a friend or relative or someone you know down the road who has been affected by this terrible disease. By joining a clinical trial, you are also keeping a better check on your own health via closer monitoring. We can all play a small part in making our world a healthier place.”

Our Charity Status

TROG Cancer Research is a registered charity in Australia, holding the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, which means that donations over $2 are tax-deductible.