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Robert's Story

Participant Story

Robert Sherson

Hamilton, NZ


The lead-up to Robert Sherson’s 65th birthday should have been a time of excitement as he prepared to celebrate the milestone with family and friends, but instead, he was met with a devastating blow – a prostate cancer diagnosis. Robert is taking part in the TROG trial 0803 (RAVES) clinical trial. 

“I wasn’t that surprised about my results, as I had been experiencing urine flow difficulties prior to the diagnosis. My biggest worry was just when I would have the surgery, as I had been looking forward to a party and celebrating getting my ‘gold card’,” Robert said.

“When I was told that the surgery could wait a week or so I was quite relieved. I was able to enjoy my party before going into Braemar Private Hospital in Hamilton, New Zealand. I am pleased to say that I didn’t experience any difficulties and was home after a few days enjoying being able to relax.”

Robert started radiotherapy treatment at Waikato Hospital and decided to take part in the TROG trial 0803 (RAVES). The aim of the prostate cancer study is to see whether treating patients with active surveillance is as good as immediate radiotherapy.

I had to have 32 visits to the Radiology Department at Waikato Hospital and even though it was a chore, I didn’t suffer any side effects from the radiotherapy,” he said.

“Being part of the trial has meant that I have had regular follow-ups and to-date I have been receiving the “all-clear” each visit. I have been very blessed to have had so many health professionals to take care of me on this journey.”

Robert said that the diagnosis has given him a new perspective on life and his experiences have motivated him to encourage others to take action and be proactive about their health.

“I always take the opportunity when I’m with other men to ask if they have had a prostate check recently. I’m sure that most men have heard the message so many times before, but sometimes it isn’t until they are asked by someone that they finally have the examination.”

Our Charity Status

TROG Cancer Research is a registered charity in Australia, holding the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, which means that donations over $2 are tax-deductible.