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Strategic plan

A plan for the future of cancer research

Our vision provides a clear focus for our Strategic Directions. Our values will guide our work towards them.

, Strategic Plan 2020-2023, TROG Cancer Research

Vision (purpose)

Improving outcomes of people affected by cancer through research in radiation medicine.

Mission (strategic objective)

TROG will conduct world-class research in radiation medicine that leads the global effort to better control and cure cancer, and improve outcomes for people affected by cancer.



- We will work with key stakeholders, organisations and community groups who share our aim in defeating cancer


- Improve access to world-class clinical trials
- Increase participation in clinical trials

Quality and Excellence

- Ensure our research is guided by rigour, accuracy and innovative methodology
- Strive for excellence in all our endeavours


- Be a leader in radiation medicine research
- Be innovative in our research and embrace new technologies


- Provide the utmost care to trial participants, TROG members, staff and the general community

Strategic Goal 1. Lead a high impact clinical research portfolio 2. Cultivate collaborations and partnerships 3. Foster stakeholder engagement and communication 4. Build organisational capacity and sustainability
Strategic statement Conduct high quality clinically meaningful research that responds to and is reflective of patient needs, changes in cancer treatments, new technologies, the research environment, and our membership Proactively build strategic collaborations with Collaborative Clinical Trials Groups (CCTGs), Medical Research Institutions (MRIs), universities, government agencies and other groups in the fight against cancer Increase community awareness, foster relationships with funding bodies/government and engage with the TROG membership Develop systems, processes and strategies that guarantee TROG’s capacity, capability and sustainability (financial, human resources, infrastructure)
Strategic activities 1.1 Provide leadership in practice practice-changing research 2.1 Build partnerships with relevant aligned organisations 3.1 Increase brand recognition and awareness through active promotion to the community, industry, government and other research innovators 4.1 Effective systems for TROG Central Office business processes - HR, WHS, Finance, legal, PCO, IT
1.2 Maintain and encourage a diverse portfolio of research activity 2.2 Collaborations with other CCTGs 3.2 Work proactively and competitively to position TROG favourably with all stakeholders: funding bodies/ philanthropic /government/industry partners 4.2 Continually improve processes to add value and minimise waste
1.3 Facilitate access to quality radiation research and clinical trials 2.3 Establish international collaborations in strategic research areas 3.3 Support research dissemination/implementation and promote TROG research achievements 4.3 Implement succession planning for key critical roles (clinical and non-clinical)
1.4 Maintain a stream of new clinical research concepts and clinical trials 2.4 Engage with industry partners and private sector care providers 3.4 Foster and maintain active communications to the membership and community by TROG leadership group 4.4 Support professional development and capacity building
1.5 Maximise the value of research data 2.5 Engage with the industry to develop biologically driven and technology technology-driven trials 3.5 Active and responsive multidisciplinary membership 4.5 Maintain diversity of funding sources
1.6 Provision of superior quality clinical research support services 2.6 Foster meaningful consumer engagement 3.6 Nurture the future generation of TROG researchers 4.6 Develop new business models and commercial ventures