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Breast trials now recruiting

TROG 16.04 / ANZ1601 / BIG1602 (EXPERT) - The aim of this study is to tailor radiotherapy utilisation after breast conserving surgery for people with low-risk luminal A early breast cancer, to the individual’s recurrence risks by identifying patients who are unlikely to benefit from radiotherapy.

Primary sponsor: Australian and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG)
Collaborating groups: Big International Group (BIG); International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG); TROG

TROG 16.03 (CORE) - this study aims to show that the addition of SBRT (stereotactic body radiotherapy) to standard of care improves progression free survival for patients with extra-cranial oligiometastatic disease that has spread from their lung, breast and/or prostate cancer

Primary sponsor: Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)
Collaborating groups: TROG

TROG 12.02 (PET LABRADOR) -  this study is investigating whether women with locally advanced breast cancer can have breast conservation surgery (BCS) instead of mastectomy, with a low chance of cancer coming back in the breast. The study also investigates if breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and PET-CT are better ways of seeing how breast cancer responds to chemotherapy or hormone therapy compared to mammogram, ultrasound and examination by doctors.

Primary sponsor: TROG

We are thankful to our 14,500 patients who have participated in our research. Please continue the generous support.