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Researcher profile

Daniel Pham
Radiation Therapist
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

What is the best part of being a radiation therapist (RT)?

The best part of being an RT is the frontline access to all the action. It's like enjoying a concert standing at the front, rather than in the back. More seriously though is the changing face of the RT profession. Patient outcomes and new technology are finally converging…

How are you currently involved with TROG?

Currently assisting with online eLearning development for TROG 13.01 (SAFRON II) as well as preparing for the rollout of the RAIDER-B (aka. BOLART 2)

Tell us about a major project you are working on at the moment.

Top Secret. You will have to wait until the Combined Scientific Meeting 2014 (in Melbourne!).

What has been the highlight of your working career so far?

The sites visits and credentialing for the TROG 10.01 (BOLART) trial. I was able to meet and befriend a great number of people across Australia and New Zealand.

What is it like to work at Peter Mac?

Peter Mac has a great research culture. The multi disciplinary team here are always keen, optimistic and supportive of research projects.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy winter sports and experimental cooking.

Favourite food:

Chips and gravy….if not available…charcoal chicken, chips and gravy.

If you could be a superhero, which one would you be and why? Or, what special powers would you like to possess?

Favourite superhero is Radioactive Man. According to Wikipedia he has some useful powers and abilities.

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