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Over three decades, TROG Cancer Research has facilitated hundreds of clinical trials that have involved more than 14,500 cancer patients and helped improve the outcome and quality of life for thousands more cancer patients globally. ...


TROG Cancer Research will work with clinicians at Townsville Hospital, as well as other national experts, to implement a research program aimed at understanding how to best use new MRI LINAC technology to benefit cancer patients. Weighing ...


TROG Cancer Research is currently in the final year of their 2017-2019 strategic plan. On Friday 2 August 2019, we held a strategic planning meeting with key stakeholders to discuss the direction and focus for the upcoming three years.


TROG Cancer Research are proud to announce that we have two new additions to the TROG Cancer Research Board of Directors.


A new clinical trial by TROG Cancer Research has shown for the first time that a new radiotherapy technique produced greater survival rates in early stage inoperable lung cancer patients, compared to conventional radiation treatment. The TROG 09.02 CHISEL ...


Results from Australia’s and New Zealand’s biggest cancer trial have identified the best treatment regime for men suffering from newly-diagnosed aggressive but localised prostate cancer. The RADAR study, run through TROG Cancer Research, compared the use of hormone treatment ...


We are thankful to our 14,500 patients who have participated in our research. Please continue the generous support.