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Closed skin trials

Trials closed to recruitment

TROG 09.03 (MP3) - this study aims to develop a well-tolerated chemo-radiotherapy treatment for patients with Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC) of the skin, which achieves high rates of cancer control.

Primary sponsor:  TROG

TROG 05.01 (POST) - for patients who have undergone surgery for high-risk skin cancer of the head and neck, this trial aimed to determine whether there is a difference in time to relapse between patients treated with post-operative concurrent chemo-radiotherapy, and post-operative radiotherapy alone.

Primary sponsor:  TROG

Completed trials

TROG 02.01 - A Randomised Clinical Trial of Surgery Versus Surgery Plus Adjuvant Radiotherapy for Regional Control in Patients With Completely Resected Nodal Metastatic Melanoma

TROG 96.07 - A Phase II Study of Synchronous Carboplatin/Etoposide And Radiation In Merkel Cell Carcinoma Of The Skin

TROG 96.06 - A Phase II Study of Radiation Therapy Following Nodal Surgery in Malignant Melanoma

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