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TD 17.01 (DESSERT)


Decision Support Systems for Radiation Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer


This study is testing the use of a Decision Support System (DSS) in making decisions about radiotherapy for lung cancer. The DSS will be a web based tool which will predict the outcomes of radiotherapy based on patients’ individual characteristics such age, gender, tumour size etc.  This information is then displayed to both the doctor and the patient so that they can make a shared decision regarding their radiotherapy treatment.

Different patients will have different outcomes with radiotherapy treatment for their lung cancer. With the DSS they can weigh up the potential benefits of radiotherapy against the side-effects of treatment and decide on the course of radiotherapy best suited to them.

The participants in this study will be randomised to either: Using the Decision Support System or Standard of Care (i.e. not using the Decision Support System).

The aim of this study is to show that using the DSS will:

  1. Increase the number of patients receiving the radiotherapy treatment tailored to their individual characteristics
  2. Improve patient satisfaction with the decision making process
  3. Reduce patient decision regret after treatment

Opening to recruitment

Approx. Quarter 3, 2018

Trial chairperson

Name: Associate Professor Shalini Vinod
Location: Liverpool Hospital, NSW

Trial contact

Name: Rebecca Montgomery 
Phone: +61 2 401 43910

Trial resources for TROG members

TD 17.01 DESSERT member page

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