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TROG 14.04 (HART)

Primary sponsor: Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG)
Collaborating groups: Australian and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG)


Deep Inhalation Breath Hold for reduction of cardiac toxicity in patients with left sided breast cancer undergong radiotherapyTherapy


Radiotherapy significantly reduces the risk of local recurrence after curative surgery for breast cancer. One of the possible side effects in patients with left sided cancer is the risk of cardiac toxicity due to unintended irradiation to the heart. A simple method to reduce the radiation dose to the heart is to ask the patient to take a deep breath, which will help to move the heart away from the high dose region. However this method, known as deep inhalation breath hold (DIBH), is not widely used due to issues such as different types of technology in treatment centres, variability in breathing patterns and the extra time needed for planning and treating patients using this technique.

The aim of the HART trial is to implement the DIBH technique in a number of treatment centres throughout Australia, in a clinical trial setting. Researchers will enrol equal number of patients with left and right sided breast cancer from each treatment centre. Patients with left sided breast cancer will be treated with the DIBH technique whilst patients with right sided breast cancer will be treated as per best standard practice. The time taken to treat each patient will be measured and compared. Researchers will also collect information to assess if the DIBH technique, being used on left sided breast cancer patients, can be repeated accurately throughout the patient’s treatment and whether it reduces radiation to the heart.

If successful, the trial will:

  • assess important features of DIBH radiotherapy;
  • assist in rolling out the technique in Australia and New Zealand; and
  • provide breast cancer patients in Australia and New Zealand with the ability to actively support their radiotherapy delivery by taking a deep breath.

Final accrual


Trial status

Closed to accrual January 2019

Trial chairperson

Professor Tomas Kron, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC

Trial contact

Courtney Hill
Clinical Trial Coordinator
TROG Trial Coordinating Centre
Phone: +61 2 4014 3900

Trial resources for TROG members

TROG 14.04 HART member page

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