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TD 13.03 (SABR-OS)

Primary sponsor: Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG)
Collaborating group: Australasian Lung Cancer Trials Group (ALTG)


A clinical trial to test the feasibility of randomising patients with non-small cell lung cancer to either Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy or Surgery


This study is investigating if patients and doctors will find it acceptable to be allocated by chance to one of two treatments for early stage lung cancer: surgery or a new form of radiotherapy called stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR). SABR may have better patient outcomes and lower toxicity for borderline surgical patients.  If feasible the study will be continued with larger numbers to determine if SABR is an acceptable alternative and a non-invasive curative treatment option.

Opening to recruitment

2017 (approx)

Trial chairpersons

Dr Fiona Hegi-Johnson, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Vic

Radiation Oncology Centres - Gosford and Wahroonga

Trial contact

TROG Trial Coordinating Centre
Phone: +61 2 4014 3912

Trial resources for TROG members

TD 13.03 SABR-OS member page

We are thankful to our 14,500 patients who have participated in our research. Please continue the generous support.