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Information for patients

What is radiotherapy? - answers your questions about what exactly radiation therapy is.

What is a clinical trial? -  information on what a cancer research trial is, why clinical trials are important and how safe they are.

How do I participate? - information on how to participate in a clinical trial you might be suitable for, the benefits of participating, making an informed decision, ethics, rights and confidentiality, and more.

Participant stories - videos coming soon sharing the experiences of real patients who recently participated in TROG trials.

Download our app - our smartphone app makes it so easy to find the right study for you.

Our global footprint - TROG trials are run all over the world.

Patient news - the latest TROG news for patients.

Helpful links - many links to all kinds of useful and reputable cancer information.

Patient enquiries - where to go when you need to know more.


Our research examines how radiotherapy treatments can improve quality of life.